Post-Post PC

In fact, my biggest takeaway (tech-wise) from the trip may have been just how little I used the MacBook. I brought it more or less “just in case” — because, how can you possibly travel for three weeks without an actual computer? Well, turns out you can. Turns out, your tablet and even your phone are computers. And turns out you can almost for sure do everything you need to on those devices 阅读原文


但今天的享乐主义所遵循的逻辑是:咖啡想喝多少就尽情喝多少,因为它已经是“decaf”的咖啡!冰淇淋、奶酪、巧克力尽情地吃,因为它已经99%乃至100%无脂肪!甚至,一个人可以整夜在网络视频聊天室对着电脑屏幕进行“虚拟性爱”,同时在家庭生活中却不用受这种额外的过度性爱所累:他仍可以毫无愧疚地对妻子声言,自己从未“出轨”或有“外遇”,是个绝对忠实的丈夫(这,或许才是“安全性爱”所隐藏的底层含义)…… _阅读原文_