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‘Bots’ Will Choose Your Music in 2030

_2015-12-17 08:11_

On the flip side, if you just want music with no talk, you fire up a bot that behaves a lot more like a playlist would today, except far smarter. Maybe it’s a bot that’s dialed in to the health sensors on your watch and plays different tempo tracks depending on your pulse rate. Or maybe it’s just a straight playlist, but you can tap a button and switch to get the curator to tell you why it picked that track, and then maybe even hear an interview with the band. Many people have tried to recreate the idea of liner notes for the digital age, but I think the most natural expression will be to combine them with an on-demand experience that has been more common to radio. Every track you hear is the potential start of a journey, and how much you control and shape that journey is up to you.


_2015-12-17 07:42_