LinkedIn 与微软的愿景,为何 Google 应该卖下 Twitter?



LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner 写给员工的公开信,里面谈到和微软整合的想法:


通过连接微软生态系统中超过十亿的用户群体,领英的影响力和参与度都将得到大规模的提升。例如,将领英的关系图谱,与Outlook、日历、ActiveDirectory、Office、Windows 系统、Skype、Dynamics、Cortana、必应(Bing)等进行交织融合。





通过 Sales Navigator 和 Dynamics 的结合,重新定义社会化营销。

通过我们的订阅功能,为大量的自由职业者和微软 App 的独立开发者,提供更多的商业机会。

Twitter is now under more pressure to sell — perhaps to Google - Business Insider

在 LinkedIn 被微软收购后,Twitter 的压力变得很大,其最好的卖家是Google:

Google has given Twitter's tweets greater prominence in its search results. And Twitter's advertisers can now use Google's DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Campaign Manager to buy and measure campaigns on Twitter. The deal doesn't come into full fruition until Q3, Adam Bain told analysts on the last earnings call, but when it does it will let both Twitter and Google identify shoppers whether they are on mobile or desktop computers. Accurate cross-device measurement is a huge push for all the major tech companies right now, because they want to be able to follow you when you ditch your phone for your laptop.

Now, assume this joint venture goes well — Twitter and Google both get more ad revenue and, importantly, more user data. At that point, Twitter's stagnant user-base looks like less of a weakness. Despite its faults, Twitter is still the best place for breaking news and finding out what is happening right now. It is still better than Facebook for that "instant news" aspect (although Facebook is catching up). And, crucially, Google is nowhere in social.