Foursquares 欲借 bot 重生还是卖身?

位置签到服务 Foursquare 最近的日子并不好过,但他们还在努力创新,这一次希望借助 bot,Steven Levy 在Marsbot Is Dreaming of You 里介绍了 这个名叫「marsbot」的机器人:


She represents a different kind of bot than the ones you see in Facebook Messenger — one that’s proactive rather than passive. She’s not a chatbot, but an interruptive bot. Crowley says that most other bots are in the model of Aladdin’s lamp: you invoke them and the genie appears. Marsbot is more in the Jiminy Cricket mode, hanging over your shoulder and chiming in when needed.


这个 bot 的基本套路是基于你在 Foursquare 上的签到信息,量身定制消费行为。Foursquare 的优势就在于其有着海量而且精准的地理位置数据,但另一方面,Foursquare 当下面临着卖身的可能性,因此,这一切都像是对新卖家的承诺,Levy 写道:

Maybe Foursquare can indeed turn a profit and grow as an independent; Crowley is right that only a very few companies have anything approaching its location technology and data. But my guess is that Foursquare will indeed get a buyer. It would be a prize for any of those companies Glueck spoke of, not to mention the big two those companies distrust. Or even a game company wanting to create the next Pokemon Go. If I were to bet a long shot, I’d put my money on Uber. Last May, the two companies made a “global multi-year agreement” where the ride service would use Foursquare’s location data for pickups and destinations. You don’t need much imagination to figure out other ways Foursquare data could dovetail with Uber’s ambitions, and at its reduced valuation, Uber could certainly afford to buy. But I wouldn’t be struck dumb if the buyer were one of those other potential suitors.