Google 十年前就开发了一款「Slack」

年龄稍长的 Gmail 用户一定用过一个叫「Gtalk」的产品,它是集成在 Google Gmail 里的即时聊天工具,界面清新、速度快,而且借助 Google强大的搜索能力,可以非常方便地检索过去的聊天记录,当时还有数不胜数的「bot」支持。


此情此景也和如今的 Slack 极其相似,但从时间来看,Google 至少领先了 10 年,但这幅好牌又是如何被打坏的呢?Lily Hay Newman 在 Slate 上撰文分析了这个现象,首先,Google压根不在意这个产品:

The first sign that Google didn’t love Gchat the way consumers did was in the name. We can talk about Gchat all day, but Google never officially acknowledged that as the service’s title or explained why it wasn’t. The company staunchly referred to the application (released in 2005) as Google Talk and the Gmail integration (released in 2006) as Google Chat or just Chat.

接着,Google 又发布了一个名叫「Hangouts」的产品:

In its company history, Google writes that as of May 2013 Hangouts “will be Google’s single communications system, replacing Google Talk, Google+ Hangouts and Messenger.” Yet Google Messenger still exists alongside Hangouts. And there are even still some holdout users on old-style Gchat.

但上述举措并未奏效,当用户奔向 Whatsapp、Slack 的时候,Google 又又又发布了新的聊天工具:

Last week, Google announced an instant message app and a video chat app, called Allo and Duo respectively, that incorporate personalization through machine learning. The company also announced a collaboration and productivity app called Spaces the week before that mixes multimedia sharing and in-app web browsing with chat.

正如科技记者 Andy Boxall 所言:

Google was “vomiting out three new messaging apps. … Which one should we use? If you’re not sure, don’t look at Google. Based on its confused approach to messaging, it doesn’t have a clue either.”