Om Malik 给《纽约客》写的专栏文章,他认为苹果的DNA里缺乏「服务」因素,本质上是一家硬件驱动的公司,这才是 Apple Music、iCloud 不成功的原因:

Because Apple’s corporate DNA is that of a hardware company, its activities are meant to support hardware sales. For example, its “Made with iPhone” advertising campaign talks up the iPhone’s camera, and thus drives up hardware sales. Similarly, all of Apple’s services—iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Photos, iMessage—exist to support the sales of phones, tablets, and laptops. The executive team, the sales machine, and the manufacturing, software, and services components are all locked into the hardware schedule. Even the welcome Apple Music update will be revealed at the World Wide Developers’ Conference. Why should Apple Music have to wait for the conference to make usability fixes when Facebook and Google, and every Internet-services-oriented company, does this on a routine basis?