CB Insights 与 Pandora 的数据生意

How CB Insights uses data to illuminate the future

CB Insights 是最近非常火爆的企业数据分析公司,他们的商业模式就是:

collects and tracks this data around private companies, their investors, acquisitions, and the industries they are in with the goal of helping illuminate the future for clients.

为了实现这个目标,CB 拥有两大核心产品:

Through The Cruncher and The Editor, CB Insights has access to a sea of juicy data. From there, the goal is to try to find trends in that sea, to pick out the nuggets, and see if they can follow them to a conclusion about where an industry is headed.

Inside Pandora's Plan To Reinvent Itself—And Beat Back Apple And Spotify

《快公司》长文介绍了互联网音乐电台 Pandora 的转型,其中谈到互联网音乐(包括电台、流媒体音乐服务)都是一门数据生意,而 Pandora 现在面临的挑战很多:

As powerful as all that data is, it’s limited by the same thing inhibiting Pandora’s user experience: Its ability to learn hits a wall as soon as users switch over to Spotify, SoundCloud, or Apple Music to save songs for on-demand listening later or to explore entire albums and playlists at will. This is a big competitive vulnerability for Pandora, especially as Spotify releases its own innovative, data-powered music curation features like Fresh Finds and Discover Weekly. The science that powers these features (as well as Spotify’s own customized radio stations) comes from the Echo Nest, the music intelligence company Spotify acquired in 2014. The Echo Nest, which takes a slightly different, more machine-oriented stab at curation and discovery, is not quite as good as Pandora when it comes to personalized radio. But it’s quickly catching up. In the meantime, Spotify features like Discover Weekly are proving to be a big hit among listeners, giving them one less reason to open up the Pandora app. Meanwhile, Apple Music’s hand-built playlists and decidedly old school Beats One radio station have wowed listeners and generated a hip sort of buzz that must make an aging Internet radio pioneer feel jealous.


Telegram 是我最喜欢的通讯工具,而它的创始人也是一个传奇:

根据报道和他的 Instagram 账号,杜罗夫和他四个最关键的同事每隔一段时间(短则几天,长则几个月)就会更换居住地址,每到一个地方都会用 Airbnb 找房间。这让人们永远也找不到 Telegram 的办公地址在哪,徒增了这家公司的神秘性。最近一次杜罗夫发 Instagram 是在这个月初,当时他身处迪拜的海滩。

杜罗夫崇尚开放资源共享,曾经允许 VK 用户免费上传和下载音乐文件,把网站变成了继 Napster 和百度 MP3 之后世界上最大的一个盗版音乐库。Telegram 也是市场上不多的代码完全开源的聊天软件,你可以在它的 GitHub 空间里看到它的全部代码。Telegram 的管理方还开放用户和开发者对软件进行不同程度定制的权力,小到自行添加的表情包,大到独立开发的第三方 Telegram 客户端等等都被允许。