Business Insider 的成功令人「眼红」,也促使越来越多的新旧媒体开始探究其成功的奥秘,而光鲜的一面背后,则是一种令人困惑的内容生产模式。

Business Insider 在国内有不少读者,腾讯科技早已拿到该网站的在华版权,翻译了不少文章,但这家网站被很多人诟病,比如标题党内容居多,但该网站的还是在媒体业整体不景气的状态下逆袭上位。2015年9月,以 3.43 亿美元被德国出版业巨头 Axel Springer 卖下,其联合创始人 Henry Blodget 豪言要进军全球,但 CNN 记者注意到,Business Insider 正迎来员工离职潮

The announcement of the sale to Axel Springer in September was followed by an exodus among Business Insider's editorial staff, which former employees have attributed to mismanagement on the part of a former top editor and exhausting pressure to grow the company's audience.
Four more staffers announced that they are leaving this month -- including a top editor on Wednesday -- bringing the total number of post-sale departures to 24, by CNNMoney's count.

CNN 记者获取的一份 BI 会议备忘录展现了BI 对于内容生产的强制要求:

If they were writing five posts a day, one former employee recalled, Blodget urged them to write six.
Blodget envisioned a day when Business Insider's sites and distributed content generate one billion monthly unique visitors.

这个报道也得到原 BI 员工 Shane Ferro 的证实,她曾在 BI 公司工作 10 个月:

The first three months were great. There was seltzer on tap, and whiskey tastings on Wednesdays and lots of smart, young, enthusiastic people around me. During the second three months the pressure to get more traffic and write a higher number of posts per day ramped up.

而 Shane Ferro 的考核任务是什么呢?

The last four months, I remember mostly tense meetings about how I wasn’t hitting my goals — five posts per day and one million unique visitors per month.

Shane Ferro 最终无法忍受这样的工作氛围,最后选择离开,Shane Ferro 谈到了 BI 对于媒体行业的影响:

In a way, BI is the extreme version of what every news organization now expects of its journalists: fast copy with a broad appeal that’s turned in without much need for editing. There are people, lots of people, who are pretty good at that. Those people do really well at BI. Quite a few made a lot of money in the sale to Axel Springer.