iPhone 十周年之际,一本新书讲述「这台设备」出生前后的故事

科技作家 Brian Merchant 的新书 The One Device:The Secret History of The iPhone 日前上市,这本书详细回顾了 iPhone 诞生的历史。这本书罗列了诸多细节,试图还原出 iPhone 诞生前后的一切,比如 iPhone 这个项目的特殊性:

“That project broke all of the rules of product management," a member of the original iPhone group recalls. "It was the all-star team — it was clear they were picking the top people out of the org. We were just going full force. None of us had built a phone before; we were figuring it out as we went along. It was the one time it felt like design and engineering were working together to solve these problems. We'd sit together and figure it out. It's the most influence over a product I've ever had or ever will have."

这本书不仅围绕苹果公司,还将苹果与 iPhone 放在全球电子设备产业链上进行全盘阐述,从 iPhone 元器件采集到中国富士康工厂状况以及多点触控的发展历史、ARM 处理器技术趋势、康宁大猩猩玻璃等等,可谓无所不包。