The Real Story of How Amazon Built the Echo

亚马逊 Echo 开发背后的故事,这个产品也是亚马逊硬件工程师与老板 Jeff Bezos 斗智斗勇的结果,比如这个产品原来居然叫「Flash」:

Many people who worked at Lab126, Amazon’s hardware division, hated the name, according to two former employees. Bezos, on the other hand, was strongly in favor. And there was another worry. A core feature of the device is a “wake word” that cues it to begin taking voice commands when spoken. One of the two words being considered was “Alexa.” Bezos thought the best word would be “Amazon.” This presented a challenge, because people say that word a lot. A common opinion within Lab126 was that the project was hurtling toward a potential disaster: The speakers would wake upon hearing Amazon ads on television and commence buying random stuff from the Internet.

Generally, the engineers and product managers at Lab126 quelled their own dissent before it reached Bezos, instead concentrating on giving the boss what they thought he wanted. “We spent so much time trying to anticipate what Jeff would do or say, and read into little words he would say in meetings,” said one former employee. “It would lead to so much additional work.”

Magic Leap再发Demo,凯文·凯利万字长文揭秘

KK去佛罗里达参观Magic Leap,不过啰嗦一圈之后,还是没解释大众的疑惑,这或许就是Magic Leap 想要的效果:

我不知道 Magic Leap 是否将成为这样的公司之一。虽然它并不打算在这一类别中赢得第一,但是,目前也没有一个巨头成为各自市场的第一人。虽然 ML 已经提出了超过150项的专利,它还没有公开演示的原型机。最重要的是,我们仍不是很了解人类知觉,以至于不清楚它们会对虚拟领域产生什么作用;想搞清楚这个,需要更多的虚拟现实。在到达新高度之前,我们必须在险恶的山谷中前行。