Andy Rubin 的野心、FB 聊天机器人评测、VR 就是电影的对立面

Android’s Founder Wants To Give The Internet A Body

Andy Rubin 的野心比做 Android 大多了:

But Google only has data about digital objects. Rubin sees everything in the real world as data waiting to be released, indexed, processed, understood, and actuated. “The Internet right now is a big brain in a jar,” he explains. “But there’s a whole world outside that jar.” Rubin’s mission is to create products and companies that connect the two. Rubin explains it this way: Get data about the real world, process it in the cloud, then take actions that in turn affect the real world.

Facebook Chatbots Are Frustrating and Useless

Gizmodo 的记者对Facebook M 聊天机器人的评价:

But after tracking some down and shooting the shit for a couple of days, I realized that using these robo-assistants is like trying to talk politics with a toddler.


>They’ll get better, but it’s going to take time. Right now, chatbots are a robotic wild west, and for the foreseeable future, you’re better off sticking with civilized society.

VR is the opposite of cinema

某种意义上说:VR 简直就是电影的对立面:

The most salient feature of a movie is that everybody in the audience sees exactly the same thing. The goal of a cinematographer, an editor, a lighting designer in movie making is, in fact, to optimize for a single viewpoint. The craft of filmmaking is built around this fundamental imperative.

In contrast, future content in VR will have far more in common with theater: Everybody will see events unfold from their own unique viewpoint. VR has even more in common with immersive theater, in which audience members are free to roam around on their own.