Billing by Millionths of Pennies, Cloud Computing’s Giants Take In Billions


“The secret to cloud economics is utilization — every minute unsold is money you don’t get back,” said Greg DeMichillie, the head of product for Google’s cloud. “There are very few of us who can work at this scale.”

Like any important new tech trend, the microsliced, serverless model is already attracting investors and start-ups eager to work in the new world — and in this case, wary of what the giants will do next.

Twiggle Raises $12.5M To Bring Human Context To Search

互联网带来信息大爆炸,同时也让用户面对海量信息时无从下手,这家名叫 Twiggle 创业公司要打造新一代的搜索,他们也刚刚完成一轮1250万的融资,看看这家公司的搜索模式:

If for example you were looking for a “light laptop”, their search would know to look through different kinds of laptops, compare their weights, and finally bring you a selection of options that fall on the lower end of that spectrum.

Twiggle has built AI capabilities that can be used for interacting with users to help them narrow down their search. So after being presented with a group of lightweight laptops, the system can ask the users questions like the color, amount of memory, and other features that will bring them the most appropriate set of options to choose from.

Goldman Sachs leads a $30 million round for Persado’s AI-based, automated copywriting service


The company has cataloged 1 million words and phrases that marketers use in their copy, and scored those words based on sentiment analysis and the structure of marketing pitches defined by a message’s format, linguistic structure, description, emotional language, and its actual call to action. The software can create a message, optimize its language, and then translate that message into any of 23 languages, according to Baciu.

Bots, explained: What is a bot, who’s making them, and why

bot 是什么?从哪里来?有哪些商业模式?

Where did these bots come from? Who is building them? What for? Is a fake conversation better than just clicking buttons? You’ll be hearing a lot more about bots soon, so here’s an overview.